​Attending Award Winners as Follows

Best Greek Director: Thodoris Vournas (Greece) for ‘Without Milk’

Best Greek Film Cast: Alexandros Logothetis & Panos Mouzouakis for ‘Without Milk’

Best Cinematography Greek: Petros Antoniadis for ‘Without Milk’

Best Greek Short Fiction Film 2nd for ‘Without Milk’

Best Greek Editing - Dimitris Kadis (Greece) for “Check In”

Best Experimental Mixed Media Short Film Director Olivia Hadjiioannou (Greece) for “Red Lion” (Joint Winner)

Best Experimental Mixed Media Short Film Director Mike Reft (USA) for ‘Chemistry 101’  (Joint Winner)

Best International Cast: Gaston Stabiszewski (director/actor) & Jonas Steltenkamp (actor)  for ‘Luftholen’ (Germany)  (attended  with Ania Pilch -producer)

Best International Director: Gabriel Gallindo (Brazil) for “View”

Best Animation 3rd: Maryam Mohajer (from Iran & London) for “Red Dress, No Straps”

Best Cinematography International:  ‘Nice Night for it’ Piers McGrail  (Director Rachel Carey - Ireland- Attended)

Best Greek Newcomer Director: ‘The Bureaucrat’ Director Dimitrios Karas (attended with actress Sophia Fytianou)

Industry Award for Outstanding Contribution to Film & Film Festival Marketing & Representation: Bruno Chatelin of

NON ATTENDEES -  remaining Awards went to:

The Tattoo  (dir) Ian Power (Ireland)

Best Short Fiction Film Greek 1st - Chandelier (dir) Antony Glaros (Greece)

Best Short Documentary Film 3rd- Let the Boat Sail (dir) Kostas Giannakis (Greece)

Best Short Documentary 2nd - Mother & Baby (dir) Mia Mullarkey (Ireland)

Best Short Screenplay International  3rd - ATM (dir) David Huergo (Spain)

Best Short Documentary 1st - Returning Home (dir) Nikolia Apostolou (Greece)

Best Short Documentary 1st: Retouch (dir) Kaveh Mazaheri (Iran)

Best Short Screenplay Greek 2nd: - Lost Treasure (dir) George Georgakopoulos


Best International Short Fiction Film 3rd: - Cubeman (directed by) Linda Dombrovszky (Hungary)

Best International Short Fiction 3rd:- Curro  (dir) Micah Stathis (USA)

Best Animation 2nd: - Inverse (dir) Ioanna Tsinividi (Greece)

Best Short Animation 1st: - Blue Tomorrow (dir) Numan Ayaz (Turkey)

Best Short Comedy: - Paul is Dead (dir) George Moore (UK)

Best Greek Short Fiction 3rd; ‘Heimlich’ Directed by Kostas Voukaris

Outstanding Achievement at International Film Festivals: ‘Mousse’ (dir) John Hellberg (Sweden)

Best Original Greek Music Award: for ‘Reply’  Ioannis Giannakakis (Greece)

Best Original Music International Short Film: ‘Kein Problem’ (Denmark) by Jeppe Kass & Emil Millang

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