Director of the LWSFF 2020 special inclusion Feature Film 'Dave Grusin: Not Enough Time'

In addition to being an Award-winning Film Director, Barbara is a multiple award winning Vocalist and Musician. She started filmmaking by creating educational films, music videos, and documentary shorts before tackling her film about Dave Grusin. One of her most fascinating music credits was being part of the production team of The Mickey Mouse Club TV show where she auditioned and cast Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Keri Russell, Christina Aquilera and Britney Spears in the show to name just a few. Her Oscar winning production team members include Kate Amend (editor), Chris Jenkins (music mixer), Jeremy Deneau (asst. editor) and the LA Post Production team that delivered the Oscar winning "Icarus" in 2017.   

Having a 35 year history with Dave Grusin, Barbara feels that "Dave Grusin: Not Enough Time" is the film she was destined to make. This film is not only a tribute to the extraordinary life and career of Mr. Grusin, it documents the "Golden Age" of television and film music. The movie also examines the heady time when Grusin's own record label (GRP Records) was at the forefront of transforming the music industry from analog to digital. The music industry has never been the same.
DAVE GRUSIN: NOT ENOUGH TIME is an elegant and uplifting Feature Length Documentary about one of the 20th Century's most important music composers. Millions of people all over the world know and love the music of Dave Grusin but even his most ardent fans don't completely realize what a phenomenal career he has had.  
Barbara is co owner of JindoJazz along with her husband John Rangel.

Dave Grusin: Not Enough Time  WEBSITE

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PAUL McGUIRK (Resident Judge)


Author of Neil Jordan: The Literary Fiction, Paul McGuirk is a lecturer in film studies and has designed and delivered courses in Film Theory, Irish Cinema, European Cinema, Political Cinema, and Documentary Cinema at undergraduate and postgraduate level in University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin and The National Film School at IADT. In addition, he has contributed articles to Irish Films/Global Cinema, Cineaste, Film-Konzepte, and estudios irlandeses.

'In Neil Jordan: A Quiet Man In Babylon, Paul McGuirk looks in detail at the extraordinary career of one of the most notable Irish filmmakers of the twentieth century. He provides a comprehensive study of all Jordan’s film and television work to date. It is McGuirk’s passion and extensive knowledge of the film industry which opens the reader into the career of a magnificent film maker. Just as Jordan’s movies are a feast for the senses this engaging read is beautifully illustrated with colour stills from each of the films. This is a must read for any movie enthusiast.' (From article by Niall Murphy - Scannain 2017)

Paul spends his time between Dublin and Paleochora where he's been working on his latest book.

Neil Jordan: the Literary Fiction

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Voting member : European Film Academy (former  Board Member)

Les Cesar voting member since 1987

Fest Forums Advisory Board Member

International Film Festival Summit Advisory Board Member
Board Member on a few Festivals BIFF, CIFF, Animaze - le MIAFF, Houston WorldFest,

Co- Founder of Animation Day in Cannes

Bruno Chatelin, French Business School HEC alumni, began his marketing career with the largest international Advertising Agencies: Publicis, DMM Masius and JWT. Former film distributor. He started in 1985 working for Sony then UGC FOX in France (Marketing Director and Managing Director)He has launched over 200 films and has worked closely with key creative talents.
To name just a few: Claude Lelouch, Costa Gavras, Terry Giliam (3 films: Baron Munchausen, 12 Monkeys, Fisher King), Stephen Frears, Keneth Branagh, James Ivory (2 films: Remains of the Day…), Francis Coppola (Dracula), Steven Spielberg (Hook), Woody Allen (3 films: Alice…), Sean Penn, Tom Hanks (3 films: Philadelphia…), Al Pacino, Scorsese, Michael Bay, Roland Emmerich, Schwarzenegger (3 films: Total Recall, T2, Last Action Hero), Stallone (4 films : Rambo 2/3, Cliffhanger…  ), Van Damme (2) and many more. After Sony he merged 20th Century Fox with UGC in 1995 and quickly put the company in the N° 2 position on the market. Online pioneer He co founded which regularly partners with the largest festivals and markets (Cannes, AFM, Toronto, Locarno, Venice…) and has served over 6.000 festivals worldwide and a community of 370 000 unique monthly visitors, and newsletter subscribers base of 193 000. The company was one of VOD international pioneers (2001) and has opened a film and festival matchmaking community leading the way of many digital new developments in the industry. He runs a consulting boutique Major Buzz Factory specialized in online marketing for the entertainment (film, music mostly), websites design and animation and web 2.0 actions